Paullina Reappraisal Project – Done by O’Brien County

Starting April 1st, the assessor’s office will begin a door to door residential project in Paullina. The main employee will be Patrick Nelson. He has a badge identifying himself and will be in a light brown Jeep Cherokee with County stickers. He will be photographing and reviewing the exterior of all residential properties and request an interior inspection or leaving a door hanger. He has done this in Sutherland, Primghar, and Hartley and now they will begin work in Paullina. Homeowners will receive a letter prior to the visit. The first letters are going to those who live south of Green Street. (Phase 1 on the map). The County anticipates the total project will take 6-8 weeks.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the county assessor at 712 – 957 – 3205

Paullina Reappraisal Map