The Paullina Municipal Utility provides water, sewer & electric for residential & commercial customers. We are a member of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU). Paullina’s Superintendent of Utilities is Kelly Top. Complaint resolutions are to be handled as noted below. Before you dig, please CALL 811 for line locating to prevent damage, destruction & death. ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS

Electric Utility

We love our community and that our community can be actively involved in decisions about how your local municipal electric utility is run. Your voice matters! Local municipal power is provided right here in Paullina. We operate as a member community of Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) at mrenergy.com. Thanks to local control, Paullina Municipal Utilities provides low-cost, reliable energy solutions. A mix of generation allows us to offer clean energy supply to reach a goal of net-zero carbon. To help our customers lower their electric bill by upgrading equipment to energy-saving models, we offer a variety of energy-efficiency rebates through Bright Energy Solutions for both residential & commercial customers.

Electric Rates: (as of June 2023)

Residential Rates:

Customer Charge/month $15.00


  • June – August $0.1050/kWh
  • September – May $0.0890/kWh

Commercial/non-residential/Municipal/Street Lights:

Customer Charge: $28.00/month

Usage: June – August

  • First 5,000 kWh $0.1070
  • +5,000 kWh $0.0930

Usage: September – May

  • First 5,000 kWh $0.0920
  • +5,000 kWh $0.0780

Late fee of 1.5% charged if payment in full is not received by the 20th of the month

Water Utility

We all love a safe, clean water supply thanks to our local municipal service. From our city well supply to our water tower to your home’s tap, we pride ourselves on ensuring you always have water when you want it. Thanks to regular testing and careful monitoring, you can rely on our city water for drinking, cooking, bathing, filling up your swimming pool, washing your car, & even watering your lawn, flowers, garden, pets & more.

Water Rates: (as of 7/28/2020)

  • Customer charge: $20.16/month
  • First 10,000 gallons at $4.32/1000 gallons
  • Next 50,000 gallons at $3.50/1000 gallons
  • Next 100,000 gallons at $2.93/1000 gallons
  • Balance at $2.78/1000 gallons

Rural water customers are charged 120% of inside city users.

Irrigation Water Rates: An additional IRRIGATION ONLY meter may be added to a property for an extra $7.20/month plus water usage per the standard water utility usage rates. Water for irrigation must be contained to yard/landscaping so there isn’t any sewer use.

Late fee of 1.5% charged if payment in full is not received by the 20th of the month

Sewer Utility

Sewer rental services are also provided by our local municipal utility. Your property’s service line feeds into our city mains and distribution system to be managed at our 5-lagoon treatment facility on the southeast edge of town. You are responsible for the line from your home or business up to where it connects with the city’s line. We take it from there! Your sewer cost is tied into your water usage, unless you have an additional irrigation-only meter.

Sewer Rental Rates (as of 2017)

  • Customer charge: $12.00/month (1,000 gallons minimum)
  • 2,000-15,000 gallons at $6.00/1000 gallons
  • +16,000 gallons at $3.00/1000 gallons

Late fee of 1.5% charged if payment in full is not received by the 20th of the month

Garbage/Recycling Collection

Paullina contracts with Town & Country Disposal to provide garbage/recycling, which is billed through our municipal utility.

Residential pickup is every Monday morning. Please set out your containers curbside by 5 a.m. the day of collection but not before 5 p.m. the evening prior. And promptly remove your container after pickup so it doesn’t get damaged.

  • Blue rolling containers are provided for refuse only (NO yard waste).
  • Gray rolling containers are provided for single sorted recycling.
  • See schedule for recycling pickup dates & holidays.
  • Click here for recycling information.
  • Click here for info about extra garbage & oversized items.
  • Dumpsters are available in 1.5-, 2-, 4- & 6-yard sizes.
  • Roll-offs (25- or 30-yard capacity) are also offered.

Garbage & Recycling Rates (as of 2023)

  • Residential: $13.50/month for curbside collection
  • Commercial: $30.00/month 6 yard minimum ($5/yd over 6 yds)

Late fee of 1.5% charged if payment in full is not received by the 20th of the month

Tree & Compost Dump Site

  • Located off East Day Street (follow gravel road past lagoons)
  • For trees, branches, leaves & lawn waste
  • NO garbage or construction materials
  • Free to use for all City residents

Telecommunications (Cable TV, Internet, Phone) Utility

Since May 2000, Paullina and three other communities (Hartley, Primghar & Sanborn) took ownership of The Telecommunications Agency, or TCA. Thanks to this local control, Paullina offers our residents & businesses a state-of-the-art fiber network capable of delivering any telecom service, including internet, telephone, & cable TV. In City Hall, we accept payments & equipment exchanges/returns for TCA but do not handle billing. See tcaexpress.net for details.

More Information

To learn more about available packages & pricing:

  • Check the website.
  • Call 712-930-5593 for personal service Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm CT.

Natural Gas Utility

Black Hills Energy, our franchise partner, provides natural gas services to City residents and bills customers directly.

More Information

To learn more about Black Hills Energy:

  • Check the website.
  • Call 888-890-5554 Monday – Friday 7 am to 6:30 pm MT.