Citywide Junk Pickup

On Monday, May 6th the city is hosting a citywide junk pickup day! We ask that you wait until the weekend prior to the 6th to set out your items that you no longer want (Friday May 3rd – Sunday May 5th). Please read through the notice from Town and Country about accepted items during this citywide junk pickup! (Please note that the charges from Town and Country on the second page are not what the City is charging residents for the Junk Pickup)

The City is also encouraging the residents to partake in a property cleanup as well this weekend! For example, picking up sticks/branches from your yard, trimming trees/branches that are overgrown, or raking up leaves!

Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency will also have their Household Hazardous Material drop off located in front of the City Hall (127 S Main St) from 9-11am on May 6th as well!

Town and Country Disposal Letter